Julie Coleman is an author and speaker who helps people encounter the unexpected sides of God. Her encouraging message will help you:

  • Move from a guilt-based relationship with God to approaching Him with confidence.
  • Get off the treadmill of performance and enjoy God’s permanent approval.
  • Develop an increasingly vibrant, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

    There's so more to God than we think. Are you ready for the unexpected?

    Recent from Julie's Blog

    Jacob’s Ladder (Genesis 28)


    Have you ever wondered if God has turned away from you because of something you have done? The story of Jacob’s Ladder is wonderful reassurance for us all…that God’s presence and love are a constant in our lives, no matter what we have done or have failed to do. Even in the Old Testament, God…

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    The Word is Truth

    hands bible

    When a relative found out I was on the pulpit team at New Hope Chapel, she asked in astonishment: “So you just ignore those verses in Scripture that limit women?” Ummm…no. I wouldn’t be much of a Bible teacher if I cherry-picked what I wanted to believe and what I did not from God’s Word.…

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    The Biblical Pastor


    (This short message was a part of the pastor installation service held yesterday at New Hope Chapel.) What is a pastor? The word “pastor” means a lot of things to a lot of people. When I searched the Greek word this week, I was surprised to find that out of the 18 times it is…

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